March 13th (possibly 20 or 27th) – Competition 1 – Subject: Still life

Images of individual (or arrangements of multiple) inanimate objects.

(Images to be handed in March 6th – memory stick or emailed to Paul)

May 22nd – Competition 2 – Subject: Symmetry/asymmetry

Images that capture the balance or imbalance between two parts of an object/scene around a single point or line.

(Images to be handed in – May 1st – memory stick or emailed to Paul)

July 10th – Competition 3 – Subject: Sport/action

Images of sporting or other activity where motion is predominant.

(Images to be handed in 3rd July – memory stick or emailed to Paul)

September 18th – Competition 4 – Subject: Higher ground

Take to the hills everyone! – Images taken of or from higher ground.

(Images to be handed in 4th September – memory stick or emailed to Paul)

November 6th – Competition 5 – Subject: Geoff Brady Printed Portrait

Images to be handed in on the night, they must be mounted and not framed.

Formal and informal portraits/self-portraits (not limited to just head and shoulders) and ‘environmental’ portraits in which the subject is depicted in settings such as work, home or leisure. Double portraits will also be allowed but no animals please.

December 18th  – Competition 6 – Subject: Garforth Camera Club Landscape Photographer of the Year

Images to be handed in on the night of the Christmas Social, informal display of printed images
(mounted and not framed).

Prints of your best natural landscape images judged by fellow members at the Christmas social.